Saturday, May 21, 2011

Erik Solheim’s reply to the Open Letter outlining eight problems with Norway’s REDD support to Guyana: “It will not be possible to go into the details of your letter here”

In March 2011, the Norwegian Minister of the Environment & International Development - Erik Solheim, visited Guyana (a country with one of the largest unspoiled rainforests in South America, some parts of which are almost inaccessible by humans) in amidst complaints that were submitted to him by a group of CSOs about poor performance of the Norwegian supported five-year Low Carbon Development Strategy worth $US250M which was agreed in 2009 in an Open letter.

The Minister has now responded to the Open Letter. According to The REDD Monitor, Erik Solheim’s letter is extraordinary on several counts, but most importantly, it fails to address the eight problems in the Open Letter.

Read the Open Letter here and Minister Erik Solheim’s response here

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