Wednesday, February 2, 2011

UN support for national preparations for the UN Conference for Sustainable Development (UNCSD – Rio+20) welcome

Many developing countries have capacity and resource constraints which makes it difficult for them to provide for robust national level preparations for International negotiations like the Rio20 Conference. These constraints will hinder proper review and assessment of implementation, identification of gaps and challenges that should result in national reports as part of the preparatory process.

In addition, one of the Rio20 themes - 'green economy' remains unclear to various stakeholders including Civil society. But as noted by the UN, targeted support to developing countries to clarify themes and to increase their engagement with the developed and middle income countries to prepare for Rio20, would boost their input and the likelihood of implementation of the outcomes:

' The theme of green economy since its inception has attracted a number of views in relation to its applicability to the development agenda. Not least, there is no unified view of what represents a green economy. While this project proposal is not aiming to define the concept further, it does propose to support a demand driven process that assists countries define their individual contexts for more sustainable development approaches. These may encompass aspects of green economy to a lesser or greater extent. In addition to green economy issues the themes of the conference will need to be informed by the views of member states on how the outcomes from the original Earth Summit in 1992 has added to their development agendas and what needs strengthening for the economic, social and environmental pillars to be fully integrated'

Read the full Concept Note for Supporting National Preparations for The United Nations Conference for Sustainable Development, UNCSD Rio+20, 2012 Prepared by DESA and UNDP