Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Inclusive and Sustainable Development: For Whom?

The focus of the development policy discourse now seems firmly fixed on “inclusiveness”; as both process and outcome. This is clear from the focus of the UN Secretary General’s Agenda for 2011, the discussions at Davos in January 2011 and the theme of the 2011 UNDP Human Development Report: Sustainability and Equity.

As the world's attention turns towards the roll-out of the Green Climate Fund and the discussions at Rio+20, Leisa Perch of the International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth asks what lessons we can take forward in light of the triple challenge:

- mitigating the worst impacts of environmental change, in whatever form it takes, including climate change.

- Safeguarding the social and economic progress achieved, including the sharing of the risks and benefits of development actions, avoiding both “free riding” and “overburdening of the poor”.

- Ensuring the compatibility of development actions at various levels.

Leisa then argues that for improved development outcomes, particularly for the poor
and vulnerable, intensified efforts at the level of scope and scale will be needed. She further notes that as discussions escalate around the shape and scope of the“green economy” and about institutional frameworks for securing sustainable development, the first order of business should be to define what “green” means; particularly in a socially sustainable context. Moreover, an honest discussion on equity in the context of risk-sharing, burden-sharing and benefit-sharing is paramount.

Read the full one pager from the International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth - Inclusive and Sustainable Development: For Whom?

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