Saturday, December 8, 2012

Ekurhuleni’s Green Economy Initiative -

The Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality (EMM) in South Africa is forging forward with its mission to achieve a “Cleaner and Greener Ekurhuleni” by kick-starting a recycling initiative in the communities of Wattville and Actonville in Benoni.

The project involved capacitating 45 informal waste collectors who have now formed the Nkoza Environment and Cleaning Primary Co-operative. The organisation will be responsible for collecting waste in areas of Wattville and Actonville where the Municipality is not already rendering this service. The waste will be sorted and sold for recycling purposes.

The collection of recycling waste involves the placement of bins in areas where there is illegal dumping and door-to-door collection with refuse bags at households.

This system seeks to allow for contact with individual residents in order to encourage them to enlist in the culture of recycling. The co-operative will make use of a truck and tri-cycles with a front mesh cage for the collection of recyclable waste which they will deliver to the drop-off centres for sorting and storage until it is sold. 

Ekurhuleni’s Green Economy Initiative -