Monday, June 25, 2012

Rio agreement on SDGs threatens strength of post Millennium Development Goal framework.

By CAFOD, June 22, 2012

As the Rio+20 Earth Summit closes, CAFOD is concerned that agreed text on the SDGs sends confusing and contradictory signals about a future set of global goals to guide the fight against poverty and environment degradation.

In Rio, Governments agreed to set up an additional negotiation track at the UN, the intergovernmental panel, which will work on the SDGs in parallel to the High Level Panel on post-MDGs. This means there is no clear commitment to one set of goals.

Nanette Antequisa, Director of CAFOD partner, ECOWEB: Achieving a new set of ambitious goals which incorporated the voices of people in poverty to replace the MDGs after 2015 was already a challenging task. It is a real shame that Rio+20 has made that agreement even harder.'

Post-MDG Policy Advisor, Bernadette Fischler said: The Rio agreement should have puts its weight behind the post-MDG process that has recently been established and sending a clear signal that an integrated approach to poverty reduction and environmental protection must be at the heart of the global development framework post-2015. Instead governments are squabbling to agree who will lead yet another international initiative the exact purpose of which remains undefined. The new set of goals must deliver positive change for the world’s poorest people who don’t classify the food, water, energy, and clean air they depend on as either poverty or environment issues – they just want to survive and live decent lives.


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