Sunday, May 20, 2012

Peoples's Sustainability Treaties NOW ON-LINE

Adapted from "OWN the EDGE" - RIO+20 NGO Major Group Newsletter

The Peoples’ Sustainability Treaties have emerged to provide a common platform for voices from civil society to be collectively expressed at Rio+20. The objective is to assist civil society actors to get organized, to generate a collective vision representative of the global people’s aspirations and wellbeing, to create an open and common platform to voice these visions, to agree on a pathway of sustainable futures, and to create collective civil agreements on a way forward through principled action.

Through joint stakeholder efforts the treaties calls for the realization of an alternative content outcome at UNCSD2012. The rationale of the this complimentary civil society engagement is to produce ‘Treaties’, a ‘Declaration’ and an ‘Action Plan’, which are to represent and demonstrate the collective visions of the global people and help advance a Global Movement forging sustainable futures for all.

The following draft treaties are now available for public comments. Please send your comments by 20th May 2012 to the coordinator of each treaty with a copy to

1. Peoples’ Sustainability Treaty on Consumption and Production
2. Peoples’ Sustainability Treaty on Equity
3. Peoples’ Sustainability Treaty on Sustainable Economies
4. Peoples’ Sustainability Treaty on Radical Ecological Democracy
5. Peoples’ Sustainability Treaty on Sustainable Development
6. Peoples’ Sustainability Treaty on Rights of Mother
7. Peoples’ Sustainability Treaty on Sustainable Development Goals

Individuals from any walk of life can participate as contributors, while any person or institution can endorse and commit to a treaty.

For further information please see and to partner, facilitate and contribute to the treaties, please contact Uchita de Zoysa (

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