Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cambodia points out 6 expected outcomes from Rio + 20

During the Delhi Ministerial Dialogue on Green Economy and Inclusive Growth held 3 October 2011, Dr. Chhun Vannak on behalf of the Royal Government of Cambodia highlighted 6 outcomes sought from Rio+20:

• Should secure and renew high political commitment to resource efficiency, and efficient natural capital for poverty eradication and secure the political will of the Rio+20;

• Should allow for the flexibility in the Rio Agenda to incorporate new challenges emerging beyond Rio+20;

• Well defined green economy principles for sustainable with tools and mechanisms, especially through SCP, resource efficiency, holistic integration of implementation of the Green Economy by enhancing the balanced specializations in the social, environmental and economic pillars;

• The United Nations Sustainable Development Council is to be established to guide the green economy practices and raise a sense of urgency on the Planet Earth;

• Enhance the ‘Gross Green Economy Index’ to be measured and assessed by three index: Social Index; environmental index; economic growth index, with the strong support of Integration, Equity;

• Mainstreaming green economy principles into national strategic development plans by having this be engaged in a multistakeholder planning process and more financing is to be provided to the less developed countries and developing countries for poverty eradication and green economy realization. Incentives should also go to the low-carbon growth activities and economic growth based on low carbon; REDD+Plus through forest preservation as a carbon sink enhancement. The internalization of common credit sales is to be scaled-up. Finally, green technologies should be strongly promoted through investments in infrastructure and renewable energy supply.


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