Friday, August 19, 2011

Kumasi Consensus: West African Youth Position Paper for Rio+20


There is convincing evidence that a swift transition to a Green Economy can bring about lasting solutions to current problems and mitigate the effects of climate change. As a consequence of the learning and sharing at the gathering of 47 young people from five nations of West Africa meeting, representing 16 community/environment NGOs and businesses in Kumasi, Ghana, August 10th to 15th 2011, the Kumasi Consensus has agreed the following resolution.

We, the youth of West Africa, resolve to:

1.Assist the acceleration of forward momentum towards a green economy by campaigning towards energy innovations for a low carbon future that will help to eradicate poverty, create green jobs and build a sustainable future.

2.Campaign towards an institutional framework for Sustainability.

3.Re-double our efforts towards the achievement of MDGs by 2015

4.Powerfully engage with the UNFPA Campaign to put “Youth at the heart of Development” in the Post-2015 International Development Agenda;

5.Break the chain of corruption by increased accountability, transparency and responsiveness at a local and district level and a federal/national system of youth-led community governance by 2015

6.Commit our efforts to a regional campaign for national governments to mainstream peace and Green Economy education for sustainability in the curricula at all academic levels in order to achieve a culture of peace and harmony with nature and each other.

7.Create a borderless West Africa without national, ethnic, religious or other artificial divisions, delivering a peaceful, nuanced milieu that will encourage the collaborative building of a sustainable green economy by 2015

8.Individually and collaboratively to take action to progress this agreement by starting green businesses and social enterprises in our communities and regions, planting trees, cleaning up litter and maintaining uncontaminated water courses. And we further commit to raising awareness, educating and advocating for a green economy in our families, schools, colleges, faith and community groups, our elected officials, and private sector companies.

9.Using green technology, drive a united, resurgent West Africa to a position where, by 2015, its countries sit in the top half of the UN Human Development Index and ensure well-being for all of its peoples;


- representatives of the following organizations commit to this consensus document:

Young People We Care (Ghana) Peace Child International

YMCAs (Liberia) Dream Environment (Ghana)


Treasureland Health Builders (Nigeria)

YONSU Enterprises (Ghana) Evergreen Clubs of Ghana (ECOG)

International Youth Peace Tourism & Development Initiative (Nigeria)

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