Friday, June 17, 2011

Bolivia Proposes A Six-step Pathway to Solve Climate Talks

Ambassador Pablo Solon of the Plurinational State of Bolivia addressed reporters at the UN climate talks in Germany. Ambassador Solon outlined a clear plan, based on submissions from other countries and civil society, on how to move the talks forward in 2011, ahead of the UNFCCC COP17 in Durban later this year.

“The key issue at these talks is the gap between how much climate pollution we need to reduce and how much countries are committed to reducing. We call that the “gap” and it’s the difference between 4C of warming and 2C of warming. The Cancun outcome sets us on a path to 4C.” Ambassador Solon Said.

Solon highlighted Article 4.2 (a) of the UN Convention on Climate Change, which all countries had agreed to in 1992, which required developed countries to ‘peak’ their emissions by the year 2000.

To respond to the current deadlock in talks Ambassador Solon proposed a six-step path:

- Agreement on the size of the gap (12-14 Gigatonnes of C02e)

- Recognise that developed countries will need to take a larger share of the reduction.

- Agree on parameters for sharing the burden, based on historical responsibility and
capacity of the parties.

- Have developed countries’ emissions peak immediately.

- Represent every countries’ target in terms of gigatonnes, defined as reductions from
domestic emission levels and without the use of ‘offsets’.

- Agreement on legal actions for parties that do not fulfil their obligations under
the Kyoto Protocol (for a second commitment period) and under the Convention.

Read the full submission from here

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