Friday, April 1, 2011

RIO+20: Toward a new green economy—or a green-washed old economy?

Blogging in Grist, Jim Thomas argues that 20 years ago, governments at Rio were bold enough to lay out a set of commitments that might credibly have rescued us from some of the dire predicaments we are now in but they never fulfilled their own promises.

With under 13 months to the U.N. Conference on Sustainable Development (RIO+20) , it's now up to all of us in global society to demand that those promises, however belated, be fulfilled.

Jim underscores that the Rio promises should not be abandoned for a hollow "green economy" that amounts to a Trojan horse for ongoing destruction-as-usual(suspicion is running high that the proposed prescriptions for a "green economy" are more likely to deliver a greenwash economy or the same old, same old "greed" economy). He also cautions that the road to Rio is that the hijackers are already seizing the reins. But all is not lost - we have time to organize massive campaigns to get the Earth Summit back on course -- not just for a green economy, but for a green, equitable, and just future.

Read the Jim Thomas's full article from here

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